Phone Number: 647-997-7065
Country: Canada
Province: Ontario
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If you received an unwanted call or text message from the phone number: 647-997-7065 read the comments below to learn more about the caller and add your comment as well to help us become more informative.
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alex robertson
Aug 08, 2017 - 18:04 PM
I had a call from his number. A man gave me his name and the company he worked for but seemed reluctant to repeat it for me. He said that I had left details on a website asking for information on online trading software. When I told him that I have no interest in online trading he became abusive. This is a scam number looking for people to give out information that can be exploited. Do not give them any information, just tell them that you have received so many scam calls that your number is now being tacked by the FBI
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